The Institute for Economics & Telematics in Healthcare

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist patients and health professionals in terms of complexity decentralized managed care processes. We are focused on research and development of patient centric documentation and assisted care implementing standards like OpenEHR. We promote the development of independent (non proprietary), interdisciplinary frameworks of a patient centric documentation and process management tools for integrated care.

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) encouraged businesses are looking at processes holistically – also in healthcare. Now that TQM and disease management programs are used by politicians and economists in health care to solve financal problems, it is still necessary to look at patient centric ways.

Our global project for making EHR (Electronic Health Recording) concepts in everyday life work is named SEHR 
(structured electronic health recording).


Solutions implementing the EHR based on OpenEHR and EN13606 and other standards 

One module of SEHR we developed and operate since 2004 is EHN – Electronic Health Network – for patients and supply chains of on demand drug delivery in oncology. This has been an evaluation and field trial how to implement EHR transfers using industry proven messaging standards, e.g. to 
assist patients during (oral) chemotherapy. An evaluation and field trial to improve the compliance of patients using their mobiles.
Onother module covers Managed Care. Processes of treatment and care may become complex and multicentric. There are a lot of medical and social resources involved with many different roles. Diseases like cancer require permanent processes of diagnostic, treatment and care procedures but also improving the clinical pathways with its procedures and guidelines. Any improvements identified while performing today’s standards should be incorporated in the ongoing process of care to let patients participate of them. 

Our mission for students

Advances technologies and algorithms are widely used in healthcare industry to enhance medical care.

The IFETH cooperates with universities to offer courses in the style of summer camps, e-learning platforms in computer sciences in health care but also B.Sc. degree themes. These courses are focussed on software development in the field of medical informatics targeting interested students of higher classes but also undergraduates.

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